Today, I'm grateful for

Thank You!

In 2016, we launched and asked you to share your gratitude with us. We invited friends, family, and community to join us in creating in a daily collaborative journal by completing the following sentence, "Today, I am grateful for ______."

Practicing gratitude has been demonstrated to positively impact your life. Gratitude reminds you what makes life great – family, friends, warmth, shelter, a great smile from a stranger, a funny joke. And, grateful people have improved health, sleep better, have healthier relationships, and feel happier. All you have to do is start being grateful.

Though the site is no longer active, we are incredibly grateful to everyone that participated. Thank you for making 2016 such a thoughtful year.

Here's just a sampling of what we accomplished:

76 Users

Seventy-six different people shared their gratitude.

798 Posts

Users shared nearly eight hundred different things for which they were grateful.

312 Days

At least one person shared gratitude on 85% of they days in 2016.

About Us was co-created by friends (and University of California, Santa Barbara alumni):

Dan Perea

Dan Perea is a full-stack web engineer and user experience developer, multi-talented musician and producer, and TEDx speaker. In his own words, "I like building cool stuff." And, that's what he's done – creating tools for music venues to book bands, and for bands to book gigs.

Charlie Cohn

Charlie Cohn works in online marketing, helping brands to acquire new customers and pursuade them to take action. He lives to scale things and wants to inject joy into the lives of others. And, before, he used his skills to send over 1,000 postcards to friends in a single year.

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